We offer a professional range of online audio mastering services. We are recognised for having a unique highly desirable signature sound that is exclusive to our clients. Mastering is the final step in transforming your tracks into a professional release standard before they are replicated and we are becoming first choice for clients worldwide.

ST Mastering offers specialised mastering, mixing & audio editing services to everyone from producers, record labels, studios, bands, podcasters, speech based audio / film. You can achieve the highest level of quality without breaking your bank balance.

Our core objective is to have strong commitment to our clients and offer world class audio related services. We have developed our own unique audio mastering service. As long as it takes to get the desired attributes from your audio and within your budget. We don't offer a one size fits all service. Every single master is created using our very own ST Mastering signature techniques while maintaiing the integrity of your music.

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• Improving the clarity, definition and warmth.

• Optimising the overall dynamics and peak volume levels.

• Giving your tracks a unique dimension using our own techniques to transform them into a professional release standard.

• Remove Unwanted Noise like clicks, pops, hiss

• Signal Processing, Compression & EQ

• Bass management, Stereo Widening, Mastering Reverb

• Fades/Crossfades, Error Check

• Dithering / Repair & Salvage jobs accepted - All masters come with a FREE Fraunhofer encoded MP3 Master. Hi Definition MP3!

• Red-Book Specification Master, ready for Duplication

• Online preview of your mastered tracks for approval

• Intricate processes & techniques are applied to each and every song using our own ST signature attributes using outboard & digital processes

• Hear your tracks mastered in full before.  We won't take payment until you are satisfied. Paypal accepted. ST Mastering will help you consider revision.

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